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A Lovely Home Hosted Shabbat

Last November, we had our first Home Hosted Dinner/Shabbaton of the year. AJ and I hosted at our house. It’s always hectic to get home from work in time to cook and get dinner on the table in time to get to services afterward. So I prepared the meal the night before, and set the table for Shabbat, complete with our special wine fountain, candlesticks, challah plate and good china. Company was coming!!

When everyone arrived, we gathered around the table and shared our traditions, which include lighting the candles, our wine fountain which pours 8 cups of wine at the same time, making the motzi, and blessing the children, wherever they are. After each child is blessed, it requires a hug and kiss to both parents. Since our kids are grown, it was great to have young ones at the table to fulfill that task.

Dinner was wonderful, filled with getting to know each other, sharing family stories, tales of the day at school or work. And finally, reluctantly we left the table to come to services at CBT, albeit a little late. But we had a good reason, don’t you think?

Services were wonderful, warm and lively as we welcomed our newest members to our CBT family. Afterwards we were able to re-connect to so many of our friends, and learn about the other dinners and who hosted who. Everyone seemed to have a great evening.

Our next Home Hosted Shabbat is coming up on January 9. I hope you will participate. It’s a great way to get to know each other better, while enjoying Shabbat together. I am certainly looking forward to it!!

Rachel Kreimer