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While our building is closed until further notice, our community is always open!
We are staying connected via virtual events and services.
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Finding reasons to come together

In this world of social media, there is a lot of talk about being isolated – connecting with others only through your computer, or your smart phone. Creating communities through chat rooms and video games and even attending classes online from your home. We gather information from our home rather than at the library; we order food to eat at home; we download newspapers and books rather than meet others at the coffee shop.

But we also use social media to be more involved in each others’ lives – we see pictures of our children on Facebook, we re-connect with old college friends, or people that used to live in the neighborhood. We “like” the things – news, movies, pictures, opinions— that others post.

And yet, we at CBT find many reasons to come together — for services, for TLC, for dinners and most importantly to be there for each other. I am so proud of the way that we support our congregants who had lost a loved one, by attending shiva minyanim or providing meals for the family. I love our program of home hosted Shabbat dinners, where we can take the time to get to know each other better. I enjoy attending services where congregants participate either by leading the service, reading Torah or singing with the Tikvah Tones.

We at CBT continue to combine the new and the old. We post pictures and news from TLC on Facebook. We send email blasts, and digital editions of the newsletter. We find new ways to communicate, and rely on the old ways as well. We call our members, we publish a newsletter, and we come together to celebrate Shabbat.

So, I encourage you to reach out, in person or electronically. Get involved, volunteer, call or participate. There is always something happening. We’re not doing it alone.

Come out and join us.

Rachel Kreimer