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Security Campaign

In Response to Racist and Homophobic Vandalism
Beth Tikvah Emergency Security and Visibility Fund

Campaign Goal: $75,000

Racist and homophobic epithets written on the rooftop skylights at our synagogue were discovered just before services at our Congregation on Friday, November 3. They were discovered as the congregation – including families with young children –  was preparing to welcome Shabbat and celebrate a young couple’s upcoming wedding.

As a Jewish community, we are particularly sensitive to acts of sinat chinam, baseless hatred, against any community, regardless of religion, race, or sexual orientation. This act included all three.

The damage to our roof has temporarily been restored, however this incident has revealed the many visibility and security issues with our physical structure that affect the safety and security of the building and those who gather inside it.

A donation to this fund enables Congregation Beth Tikvah to quickly restore the permanent integrity of our roof, address building street visibility and attend to other projects that address the physical security of our building.

Join us in finding the divine in our prayers for peace and for a more just society. Let us all channel that Divinity into action that builds a stronger community rooted in mutual love, respect, and acceptance.

To read more about the vandalism, please visit:

NJ101.5: Vandalism at NJ temple was ‘hatred un-tethered,’ rabbi says

NJ.com: Vandals used roof shingles to spell out slurs on synagogue

Fox29 News: Rabbi: ‘Disgusting’ message left atop South Jersey synagogue


Nathan Weiner – Rabbi
Jerry Goldberg – President
Valerie Gladfelter – Fundraising Chair


We thank you for your contribution. In the message field of your Paypal payment, please  

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Call the CBT Office at 856-983-8090 with questions. Click below link.

Donations & Dues